Clarasonic USA was established in 2003 with the dream of becoming the Asia distributor of composite materials to the loudspeaker industry.

    In 2004, Clarasonic established Clarasonic China in Southern China area and worked with speaker cone manufacturers and assembly factories and developed the composite speaker cone industry which has been featured in audio speaker products from many major brand name companies.

    Various types of composite speaker cone solutions were developed using foam inner core and rear backing solutions with materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, aluminum to name a few.

    In 2009, our factory relocated to Thailand where we expanded both our support to Southeast Asia as well as the global international market developing composite core solutions.

    At our Thailand factory, we store container loads of foam materials which we warehouse and cut to any size requested by our customers.

    Using our computerized cutting machine, we can cut various types of foam materials including PMI (i.e. Rohacell) and PVC foams (i.e. Divinycell) from 1mm up to any thickness.

    Our factory is able to support all sizes and shapes including full sheets, ½ sheets, ¼ sheets, 1/8 sheets as well as smaller sizes.

    In addition to distributing foam core materials, our company offers other services to customers including thermal forming composite foam parts and composite foam panels as well as composite supplies for customers interested to develop their own products. 

    We have mechanical engineering support which develops affordable custom tooling from our suppliers.

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