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How to make payment to Clarasonic

For Clarasonic to process an order, we must first receive payment from our customers.

We accept orders on a first pay \ first serve basis.

When ordering material from Clarasonic online, your order will be sent to our factory to process all needed information to assist you to complete the order.

Our online service provides customers with material pricing, however does not include shipping charges which depending upon the shipping service requested by the customer – may be added charges.

Our factory can ship material using all major shipping carriers including: DHL (added local shipping charge required), FedEx, TNT, UPS as well as cargo boat.

The lowest cost method to ship is Thai Post EMS service which often arrives to customers 1-2 days later that higher cost services.

Thai Post EMS rates can be viewed on their official website at www.thailandpost.co.th

If a customer would like to use Thai Post EMS, our factory can provide the shipping costs after we calculate the package size & weight.

Below are the steps required to complete an order:

1) Customer sends request of material order to Clarasonic factory

2) Clarasonic returns to customer an invoice for materials & shipping costs (if needed)

3) Customer makes payment through credited Clarasonic banking options (details on Clarasonic payment options provided to customer on invoice)

4) Clarasonic confirms order with customer and schedules order with factory

5) Our standard completion time for an order is 1-2 weeks, however our factory will often complete orders more quickly.

6) Clarasonic completes the order and sends customer the notification. If Customer uses Thai Post EMS service, we will provide details of the tracking number which can be monitored until package is received to the Customs Dept for the country of the customer. Typically, most packages are delivered 1-2 after clearing Customs from customer’s country.


Many customers prefer to use PayPal (internet banking) which is a fast, secure and affordable method to make payments.

Often payments made by PayPal are sent to us within minutes and allows our factory to schedule orders quickly.

PayPal offers customers several ways to accept payment from customers including credit cards, low fee withdraw from customer’s bank account as well as other options.

More details can be found at PayPal website: www.Paypal.com

To use PayPal, a customer must be a registered member and it is fairly simple to sign up for this service.

Once a customer is a member of PayPal, they may make a payment towards the purchase of our material by selecting Send Money to PayPal customer.

Customer will enter our PayPal details which is the following:


Customer will submit an amount for the required payment and proceed with PayPal instructions to complete order.

Payment to Clarasonic Bank Accounts:

Clarasonic has three official company banks customers can make payments.

HSBC Hong Kong:

SIAM Bank in Thailand:

Wells Fargo in USA:

Details of our banking information will be provided with our official invoice submitted to the customer after completing your order.

For our factory to process an order, we need to receive proof of payment from the customer. Customers can transfer money to Clarasonic bank account and then send us a scanned copy of the money transfer.

Once our factory receives a scanned image of the bank transfer to one of our company’s accounts, our factory can schedule the order for processing.


Please send us any questions or concerns you may have regarding how to purchase our products to us at Sales@Clarasonic.com

We look forward to receiving your order in the near future.

Thank you.

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