Founded in 2003, Clarasonic Thailand Co,Ltd. specializes in the processing of specialty composite core materials for applications into a wide range of product categories with focus on audio, automotive, aerospace, sporting goods and medical.

Clarasonic is headquartered with production and R&D in Phetchabun, Thailand.
There is a satellite R&D office in Shenzhen plus sales offices in California, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong.



Factory is independently powered with the following in-house capabilities.

•Slicing of inner core rigid foam blocks & other inner core materials
•Slice thinner than any other facility on the planet.
•High volume capacity to support tier 1 customers.
•Thermal-forming machines for producing multi-layered composite parts.
•Composite center for producing composite plating & resin infusion.
•Vacuum forming for parts and commercial packaging.
•Painting and Epoxy spraying facility

Our Thailand warehouse stores containers of material blocks which are considered long lead time items and can quickly provide customers with materials to insure consistent production of composite goods.



With a background in the design, manufacturing and distribution of inner core composite solutions, Clarasoniccan provide turnkey parts for your products.

•We can create customized parts and products with staff utilizing the latest design software of Solid Works & AutoCAD 3D.
•In audio, there is full developmental support for speaker products including acoustic & mechanical engineering resources.
•Clarasonicoffers a complete turn-key audio solutions with low-cost tooling options.
•Our facility has several types of Composites in stock including: KEVLAR, Carbon Fiber, various Glass Fibers (plain, stranded and plated) as well as mix hybrids.
•Our staff has the ability to manufacture Pre-pregfabrics, which are safely stored until material usage. Prior to usage, the material is preheated using various ovens which eliminates variables, such as climate and humidity changes, and thus ensure material consistency of products.