ROHACELL®is a closed-cell polymethacrylimide(PMI) foam that is ideally suited for strong, lightweight sandwich construction.

ROHACELL® is a light weight foam material used in a variety of applications including material used in Airplanes, Satellites, Helicopters, Formula One Race Cars, Tour de France Bicycles, X-ray and CATSCAN medical tables as well as High End Speaker Cones.


Theultimate speaker cone material: light as a feather and strong as steel.

There is no competitor to Rohacell® with the following attributes:

•Light in weight – increases sensitivity = increase loudness
•Dense Cell Structure – Dense cell structure allows the speaker cone to capture low frequency waveforms.
•Increase strength – creates a solution that can more accurately reproduce audio waveforms
•Only Rohacellhas the ideal characteristics of being both light in weight and a dense cell structure.
•Common attributes of using Rohacellare the following:
a. Increase in loudness of +3dB to 6dB
b. Improved low frequency performance
c. Flat\Linear frequency response